Minggu, 31 Oktober 2010

Happy Halloween

Ok, this is October 31th'10, it's Halloween nite...Happy Halloween first...then this is a little story about my nite before its day...
It was saturday nite, I decided to spent that nite with my lovely sista, Dyan, to find some chill place around Seminyak (we neva go there alone). We lost for twice. First, to Canggu, then into Villa area. Then we found the spot, Seminyak Square. It was quiet whereas it was cool place for hang out. Maybe someday I must be earlier gotta here ( my friend said there was boutique bazaar from 4 to 6 pm). 
Seminyak Square

After that, we went to Seminyak Point, window shopping at some amazing shop...based on our opinion (my sista and me)...the most amazing shop are Bamboo Blonde and Religion. U must visiting them both if u have vacation in Bali :) It provide a lot of cool things ('bout fashion of course!).

Grab this photo from Google, I forgot to take photo of them, oppss...
Pumpkin ghost on Religion (yey, it's Halloween!). Then the wardrobe spotted at Bamboo Blonde

Earth Market, u can find the recycled things there...look at the exterior..remind us to care our lovely earth :)
Me (floral jumpsuit and Square bag *get in Unique Boutique, ethnic sandal *Balikyut) and Dyan * my sista (white shirt, black legging, and brown bag) --> street style is her signature
Love it! I got it from Unique Boutique (thanks mbak Ani and Yonas for the discount ^^)

Last, just wanna say, "Trick or treat?!" yey...hope someday I'' have spare time again to find another chill place with my lovely sista...'cause next'll be a hectic day >,<

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  1. yey ! welcome sista...
    come to our boutique again :) a lot of new and unique stuff here. C y