Minggu, 31 Oktober 2010

Happy Halloween

Ok, this is October 31th'10, it's Halloween nite...Happy Halloween first...then this is a little story about my nite before its day...
It was saturday nite, I decided to spent that nite with my lovely sista, Dyan, to find some chill place around Seminyak (we neva go there alone). We lost for twice. First, to Canggu, then into Villa area. Then we found the spot, Seminyak Square. It was quiet whereas it was cool place for hang out. Maybe someday I must be earlier gotta here ( my friend said there was boutique bazaar from 4 to 6 pm). 
Seminyak Square

After that, we went to Seminyak Point, window shopping at some amazing shop...based on our opinion (my sista and me)...the most amazing shop are Bamboo Blonde and Religion. U must visiting them both if u have vacation in Bali :) It provide a lot of cool things ('bout fashion of course!).

Grab this photo from Google, I forgot to take photo of them, oppss...
Pumpkin ghost on Religion (yey, it's Halloween!). Then the wardrobe spotted at Bamboo Blonde

Earth Market, u can find the recycled things there...look at the exterior..remind us to care our lovely earth :)
Me (floral jumpsuit and Square bag *get in Unique Boutique, ethnic sandal *Balikyut) and Dyan * my sista (white shirt, black legging, and brown bag) --> street style is her signature
Love it! I got it from Unique Boutique (thanks mbak Ani and Yonas for the discount ^^)

Last, just wanna say, "Trick or treat?!" yey...hope someday I'' have spare time again to find another chill place with my lovely sista...'cause next'll be a hectic day >,<

Sabtu, 23 Oktober 2010

Rainy Saturday Night

It's was a rainy day, but it doesn't matter for me and my friend to spend this Saturday night for hang out time. First, we went to Udayana Architecture Exhibition at Museum Bali. A lot of kind of art we've found there, such as architecture sketch, parquet, graffiti, 3D design, building miniature, and photography. Love it :)
Entrance of Exhibition
Building sketch (this is made from a collection of dots and dashes)
Miniature of Merajan (the place to pray for Hindu family in Bali, it's located almost in every house)
Kori Agung miniature (entrance type of Temple)
 It's Mimesis! (Mimesis is the way to create building with transforming some objects such as animal, flower, etc into building design)
So what do u think of this? How it looks like? Iguana, I guess...
It's Mimesis too! so can u guess it?
umm...cicada or grasshopper?
this is the building miniature...cool...looks like inspired by jewel...do u think so?
hey...thats my photo...it's my group project in gardening subject @ campuss
Me-Inul-Wiwin (go vintage go!)
@Architecture Exhibition
flower puff top (Frog Market)
black Highwaist skirt (C&L)
black strappy wedges (Balikyut)
puff detail

After enjoyed the art, we went to Renon Corner to have dinner. We choosed Takoyaki stand. Delicious and cheap :) Then, the next trip we went to Denpasar Junction, have a dessert time @ JCo...We luv JCool so much....yummiii...
Inul and Me
(with our Jcool, choosed nata de coco, longan, and oreo topping)
Adit and Wiwin 
Me and Inul
(nice style nul ^^ especially for ur animal print legging, love it!)

After had dessert, we took some photos there, and try some sale clothes hehe...then, we went home...nice weekend...oahemm...gudnite all...

Kamis, 21 Oktober 2010

Maliq & D'Essentials @ Hard Rock Cafe Bali

Love it...love it...Love it MALIQ& D'ESSENTIALS...adorable performance...two thumbs up! Go it guys,,,nice job :) can't wait 4 ur next performance...great!!!!

Hard Rock Corner
MALIQ & D'ESSENTIALS adorable performance :)

 Friends & me

Me,Me, and Me in the crowd of Hard Rock University Night

Last Minute

In the last minute before I and my group had a discussion with my lecturer about Studio 5 Project : Reforming the Legian street as a street fashion. Thx to Yonas who took this photo below ;)

 balikyut blazer
balikyut black strappy wedges
balikyut stripped zipper dress
black legging

Grand Opening Villa La Villais, Seminyak, Kuta

About three days ago, my father told me to accompany him to Grand Opening Villa La Villais, Seminyak, Kuta. So, i said yes! Its a good chance to increase my knowledge in villa's design :) Then we arrived after lost the way and had made him upset. The villa was far enough from the main road. We got the entrance. Damn! Three Ferrari was parking there...in black, white, and red color. How rich they are! This had me thinking, this is an opening of the villa or car show? Oh forget it...We got in and went to the VIP lounge. Yihhaa...a lot of kind of food there. So, while my father talked with his friend...I tasted that food :P I tried the lasagna, spaghetti, yogurt mousse, and tiramisu. Yummiiiii :) I looked around, wow, i found someone there....it was Jode, the young architect of Sian D'Sain, the company I intern for about two months ago. I said hello to him and he looked surprised. Then I saw Jode was with Bli Tri (in Bali, 'Bli' means brother), the young generation of Ulam and Angsa Putih Restaurant's owner in Nusa Dua. We ever met before when I made a survey into the restaurant project. They introduced me with their friend. Like it! I increased the number of my friends that night. We talked much about architecture, business, and fashion. In that time too, i tried Red Wine (my first time!), umm...it tasted like the acid bir...I wasn't familiar with that drink, so i choosed cola then. We took some photos there. In that time, I wore my 10 cm high heels, but it seemed useless, because I still look the smallest and shortest among them, oh poor me :(
*that was standing party, and the 10 cm high heels can make your feet sore and seemed your feet want to dislodged from it's hinge.

 VIP Lounge
The villa had the modern tropical style.   
Have you see the fire dance before?? this is it!
look at the picture above! The dancer who used the fire hola-hop was my friend in cheerleader team in senior high school, so surprised me!
Tiramisu and Yogurt Mousse...yummy >.<
Bli Tri - Pram - Mbak Ayu - Me - Jode
Mbak Ayu Putra - Me - Mbak Ayu 
(between Mbak-mbak Ayu haha...)
My Chrysalin 10 cm high heels...love it so much...I found it @ Centro Sale

Selasa, 19 Oktober 2010

so tired today :(

hmm...I'm so tired today...i think i dun do anythin', but...it feels like i've bring many tons of stone at my back...dun understand :( my lovely J still busy with his job...need him...sumtime i hate LDR...but...we must do it, just a little thing b4 we go there far (hope! ^^), so must be patiently dew...in this time,i've join lookbook...still try to know how it works...
*good news :) i've find a new modem which can handle the primitive (runaway??haha) side of my house area.
beib...where r u? miss u so bad...

Minggu, 17 Oktober 2010

Photo Shoot : Rebellion Batik

In the middle of my busy day.........
Thx 4 Dhatu as my partner, TutDe and Dode as the photographers.....
located @ Pasar Badung, Taman Festival Bali, and Kuta Central Parking
theme : Rebellion Batik
batik...batik...batik...dun say it old...it everlasting...
*it can be mix and match in every style u have
Love batik so much...cool!!!! so Indonesia ^^