Senin, 04 Oktober 2010

after hear the new song...

you should choose me ...are better able to love you ...at your side ...you should choose me ...leave her, forget her ...come to me ... (Tery)

A piece of song lyrics that I want to sing five years ago. It's about my love story, which is similar to soap opera stories. I met him five years ago at the senior high school's orientation. He was my classmate. He was class president, and I was his deputy. He was arrogant and I had hated it. Love and hate thin difference, one day I realized if I started to love him when he sings a song with his guitar and staring at my eyes as the school's camp. He was my first love. But when I want to know him closer, he suddenly away. Then he suddenly went to Singapore for a scholarship. Soon, I heard he has a girlfriend. I was broken heart and started trying to forget him. I started changing a boyfriend, but still can not forget.

Then I met someone...actually who was admire me for long time, he began to fill my days for 3,5 years. Unfortunately he is over possessive. I decided to leave him after I realized that I've spend a lot of things over with him, I miss this world and my youth because of blind love. When your partner always makes you cry, it means he does not deserve you and you have to go. My relationship ended poorly, but that's life, not always match with what you want.

One time I opened my Facebook, I found my old love. My first love. A little scared to start to know him again. But I must be honest with my feelings. I started to open up. He looks very sorry about what he did to me five years ago. I tried to forgive him, give him a chance. He says in love with me after several months had passed. He said, "Maybe for now I can not give you anything, but I promise to always make you happy". The simply words, but quite melt my heart. And since that time he fulfilled his promise until now. Seven months already elapsed. His name is Aji. If five years ago you are my first love, so I hope five years from now make me your last love ^^

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