Rabu, 29 September 2010

Underground Photo Section

Sidelines of our crowded study, we tried to follow an underground photo contest ... because it was so sudden, so we just wore makeshift wardrobe, some are good loans (he3 poor college kids syndrome ...), and then we started to wear make up that very different from our characters which are so sweet (Owh really ?)... smokey eyes, bangs rocker, and the blackened lips because of eyeshadow, not lipstick haha ... 
We had a photo shoot in Bali Festival Park, unfortunately when I got home, my car was hit from behind by a drunk, fortunately we are still wearing clothes and make-up underground so that the drunkard was a shrink. Police arrive ... we became a spectacle of road users ... hehehe ... maybe they think we have to act naughty because we dressed like thugs hehehe ... memories that do not forgotten ...

At that time, I was wearing an old black jacket which I have modified, black nylon balloon skirt, metal necklace, and black wedges, the blend was quite simple ...

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  1. like this photos so much... haha.
    second photo, my hair was so bad. third was the best! \m/,