Rabu, 29 September 2010

What is fashion??

For me, fashion is how we become ourselves and show our identity from what we wear. To be fashionable, we do not have to have expensive items and branded. Not because I was too stingy or not having enough money to buy it, but because I wanted to show that I can be fashionable without the expensive goods. I was even more frequent shopping at small stores, or at Frog Market (in Bali), a type Gedebage. Many treasures at affordable prices that I found there. Then I stayed modify and mix and match with my wardrobe. It Called "unbranded style" haha ^ ^ I do not have a definite fashion style, may be said moody style, just follow your mood ... sometimes vintage, rebel, street style, gothic, glam, sweet, etc ... but I most liked vintage and street style ... except during a date with my boyfriend, he3 ... my boyfriend would rather see my feminine ...

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