Senin, 03 Oktober 2011

A Story from The Cans

I 'm falling in love with photography. Really. For me, photos would tell u lots of word, more than the writing does. That's the reason why I joined some photography communities like Semut Ireng, FSS, and Lomo. In this post, I'll share about one of Semut Ireng's event. Semut Ireng is a name for pinhole camera community. They show us that photography isn't expensive. You just need cans, pin (to make tiny hole inside the can), and photo paper. Swear, it's cheap *LOL. Furthermore, you can click here
This event called 'A Story from The Cans', an exhibition which held by two non-profit community, komunitas Semut Ireng and Sanggar Anak-Anak Tangguh, who educate the children to play and create artworks of photography through tin cans. It's show us the children's perspective about their daily life in black and white color and yaa...just from a can! Amazing. First time, exhibition was held in Art Cafe, Seminyak. Not only photos, also performed lovely dancing from Sanggar Anak-Anak Tangguh, and some music band performances (hiyaahh...Emergency Exit performed too...It's my favourite music band *lol). How has succeeded this event, you can see from the crowd ;) 

Then, the exhibition road to Ubud. It's located at Bar Luna at Jl. Gootama. Bar Luna was modern small bar with pop art touch and chic interior. 

The Emergency Exit performance

Me (the left one), Nicky (boy with white T-shirt), and Zenith (girl who turned her face)

Like I've said before...photos will tell you more...just enjoy my post :)