Rabu, 16 November 2011

Batik Exhibition

Hi bloggers, well...I'm so busy right now...that's why I couldn't reach my blog in my spare time. Yaph...I moved to new office in Ubud. Far enough, but I'm happy :) Why? because I like the work atmosphere, salary (hehe..) and I never found traffic jam again hiyaa...everyday I pass field rice, traditional village, traditional market, river..umm..such holiday everyday *LOL. So, in this little little time...I wanna share about Batik Exhibition at Bentara Budaya Bali last month. I love batik too much....It's sooo Indonesia. Before, some people thought that batik is only for old woman, but now...its REBELLION, do u know what I mean? Yapp...it's going everlasting...our teenage generation start to (de)construction it...because if we don't start right now to conserve it, who else?? 
The exhibition is about batik in many many ways...applied art, painting, clothing...just enjoy pics below and perhaps it can inspire u :)

I decided to mix batik and Indonesian flag color (red and white).

This is my favorite painting...guess it...It's illustrates how modernity could be shift the traditional things slowly but surely.

Look at the shadow, pretty unique!

oya, last week I went to Lovina for weekend holiday, promise to share u bout the journey on the next update ;) see yaa...