Jumat, 31 Desember 2010

Black and white

unbranded white shirt
black legging
pink sneakers 
Fashion Victim necklace (strawberry)
Ok! I'm fashion victim. But, not only me...everybody did :P
if we still need cloth, appearance, and image...we are fashion victim I guess.

Sista time!!!

Spent my weekend with my lovely sista...we loved to make some documentation...haha...or it can called 'take some picture in a changing room' hehe...
flowery dress (balikyut)
square bag (unique boutique)
flowery wedges (red wine)
try Hoka-Hoka Bento @ Matahari Galleria (it's their Grand Opening in Bali)
have a nice weekend bloggers ^__^

Rabu, 29 Desember 2010

Bali Creative Festival 2010

it's long time no post,,hehe..I'm so busy...with my final project, my studio, my photography exhibition, my deadline, and my mom (she was sick for a week). So, this is it...my little spare time ;)
Bali Creative Festival was held at Art Center Denpasar
It's about interior, graphic, architecture, cartoon, fashion, and craft.
I choose the fashion's rock one!
what's ur favorite color?
So funny...how about u??what do u think?
fashion corner
fashion corner
how to wear the right one??
motorcycle miniature, made from the recycle things,creative!
Hey, let guess what kind of thing behind me?!

Selasa, 07 Desember 2010

Paris Fashion Week Spring Summer - Last 2010

This is some design of Paris Fashion Week Spring Summer, one of last fashion show in 2010. Which one booming and which one the only catwalk pass away? Here it is...

Next post I'll show u the prediction of fashion trend 2011, keep read  ^__^

A Glory on Galungan holy day

Yeyy...Indonesia wins the AFF football competition in against Thailand! 2:1. 2 for Indonesia and 1 for Thailand. So proud of u guys! It means Indonesia road to semifinal after win three competitions. Nice match....go Indonesia, fight \^0^/ GARUDA DI DADAKU.

In this day too, Hindu celebrate Galungan holy day. A holy day to celebrate the glory of the goodness against badness or in Hindu said "glory of Dharma against Adharma". So in this 1st holy day (total of 3 days), we made lots of Balinese food such as lawar, sate, tum, jukut ares, urutan..delicious ^__^ dun missed it if u have a holiday in Bali...Happy Galungan and Kuningan for Hindu around the world....
Owh..my mom was sick today :(  so I were handle all house work. Cooking, cleaning the house, and mejejaitan (made such an offerings for the God). Tired? of course! But, this is for u mom...get better soon my great mom, we love u  ^__^

Minggu, 05 Desember 2010

Fashion Show on Bali Creative Fest'2010 (My B'day Part 3)

Hi, back again in my b'day diary hehe...I'm so surprised that my family and my best friend-Dhatu still set aside their money to buy a gift for me...so melt >,< yayy...thank you so much dear...i'll show you the gift...Next I wanna see ur bday gift..did u feel the same sense with me? thumping feeling when u open the gifts..hehe..

those are things from my lovely family...so cute...
then, it's from Dhatu, my best friend ever ^_^ luv it! so vintage, cool!

What I did in this part? To celebrate my special day, I invited Dhatu to accompany me to see a Fashion Show on Bali Creative Festival 2010 at Art Center Denpasar. Yes, we love fashion :) There also a food festival, but it's over when we get there...we were too busy watching the fashion show haha...poor us.. 
The funny thing was I met my lecturer and her children there, he was my lecturer for my final project...I've made an appointment with him to have a discussion in that afternoon, but because he didn't reply my sms, I thought he was busy...and suddenly I met him there...I tried to hide my face while in silent way to the front row. My phone rang. I've got a message. It was from him. "Must shoot the best moment Dew". Oh no, he knew me there, ops!

we choosed the rebel style

semi lather jacket (Fashion Box)
T-shirt (bday gift)
hotpants (unbranded)
strappy sandals (balikyut)

It's my bestfriend :)

That nite, we were fashion police, sat on the front row and commented on the show. Yiipii we choosed Aliki, Monica, and Tjok Abi as the best designer that nite ^__^ 

designed by Monica

designed by Monica

between sleek and androgini

lace can be strengthen ur feminism

black dress = georgeus!

Jumat, 03 Desember 2010

It's My B'day part 2

Well, this is the second part of my b'day story. Today, after got the new driving licence, I went to KFC, to take my free wings bucket (I'm KFC Music Hitter Member), thanks KFC  ^__^  you must join it too...so many advantages'll u get such as free Goceng every week or free wings bucket like I've got just now. 

My Music Hitter card

Then I planned to go to campus to delivery that wings bucket to my college friend, just to share my happiness in my special day :) Suddenly, a truck hit my car from the left when I crossed the road. I stopped, looking for the wrong thing. What the?? It scratched! No..no...no... the truck vagued. S***! It made me so messy in that time. Made me think to go home again...but how about my plans today? Should all the plans failed because of this ordeal? My plan to share my happiness around. A big no no. So, I called my mom, apologize and tell her everything that happened. I promised to fix it. Then I continued my plans. Ok, what's the plans? The key plan is spread happiness and share. Sounds like Santa Claus do haha...I looked around, find out whose I can help or whose always help me during the time. Gotta this, my campus friend-pekak nyanglung (campus guard, an old man with enormous dedication)-my boyfriend's fam-children's orphanage (remind me bout my faculty's charity few monts ago). 

Architecture Goes To Care For Children 2010 @ Panti Asuhan Dharma Jati II

Thanks to Mika for my candid ;)

What I did and what I gave, I think it's better to be my little secret hehe...The simplest thing is you can share your happiness with the people around you even just with a sincere smile. But if you have more, isn't wrong to share and give it. If there is a will, there is a way. Mission accomplished! 

Get ready for the mission :P

semi leather half jacket (Fashion Box)
white tanktop with Batik Mega Mendung and zipper accent (DIY, it's my design ^_^)
Zipper Latex leggings (Centro, got it from Centro Midnite Sale)
Strappy sandals (Balikyut)
Animal print laptop case (Strawberry)
Nerd glasses (unbranded)
grey Swatch (balikyut) 

hey, next chance, I'll tell u the 3rd part of my bday haha...

Kamis, 02 Desember 2010

It's My B'day

What do you think if someone ask about your age? How old are you? Ok, first I always wanna answer I'm 17. Lots people dun wanna seems 'old', so do I. It's little bit hard to say that I'm 21 now. What do you think about woman with 21 age? adult? wise? sexy?elegant? oh...not at all. So far away with how am I in this 21 age. I still love ice cream so much, still like chewing gum, still like to wear sumthin' cute...and whateva...I'm me that just as the ordinary. The different is increase number 1 behind the number 2. Twenty One. Sounds like cinema haha...
Second differences is my responsibility is bigger now. I must graduate next year, must continue my father company, I have 3 sister younger than me, and etc...etc...wow...complexity. But, I must face everythin' that come to me :) Ok, I'm ready. Because I'm not alone. I have a great God that always belongs to me. Thanks God for everythin' that u given to me till this time. I have lovely family that always support me in all my time, in evrythin' I do. I have my J, my boyfriend who always patiently and try to understanding me well. I have a lots friend that color up my day. Exactly, I love my life even sometime I must stay up all night to make my homework or cry to decrease my stress every last day before collect the final project. It's hard being an architecture student,  in my opinion. That's I felt. So, in this year, I wanna make my b'day more memorable for people around me. It's not just about treat your family or friend again, it's bout caring the others :) And I decided do some little things. It's secret! Just read the next post  >,< The keyword is "giving better than receiving". And in my happiness day, I would like to make them smile, yeah the peoples around me....maybe U in my list ;) Last lesson, the simple way to erase the pain is by make the people around u happy, and watch their smile :) It works! Gudnite bloggers ^__^

My bday cake, fully chococolate yummy...the candle slightly annoying...first amazing such as fireworks, then it's hard to blow off,,,huff..need more energy "___"!

Monster pounch, get it from Ramayana Store
My bday gift, from my self to my self hehe...luv it :)

Rabu, 01 Desember 2010

Before It's Too Late

It's 4 AM, so before it's too late to say and caring out, I just wanna share a red ribbon to remind us the day before, celebrate the AIDS day, hope on the day next our young generation increasingly aware with the damage of free sex. Hope the scientist will find the powerful medicine. And hope it'll be a bright future for our young generation.
my younger sister gave me this red ribbon in this afternoon, thank you so much to remind me its first day on December :)

Ready to get my new identity card  ^_^ my birthday closer yey!

white lace blouse (connexion)
vintage,sleek,and chic......

vintage flats (pelato)
from my J (>,<) luv it, vote!

my lovely bracelet (from J too) and my white Monol (balikyut)

Girls Nite Out

One nite with my gurls, just find the new chill place, it's Oenpao, located at Sunset Road. Cozy restaurant with chinese food menu. Umm...get a romantic candle light dinner here ^_^

Inul & Me

Adel & Wiwin

Oenpao's bar corner

Collaboration between modern, classic (brick) and clean (white colour). So chic!

How comfy they are,,,,,

toirei time.....

Me and my shrimp siomay

vintage top (House of Jemmiah)
highwaist bermuda (unbranded)
yellow sling belt (Body and Soul)
flowery wedges (Red Wine)
dark purple bag (Fladeo)
white Monol (BaliKyut)