Jumat, 03 Desember 2010

It's My B'day part 2

Well, this is the second part of my b'day story. Today, after got the new driving licence, I went to KFC, to take my free wings bucket (I'm KFC Music Hitter Member), thanks KFC  ^__^  you must join it too...so many advantages'll u get such as free Goceng every week or free wings bucket like I've got just now. 

My Music Hitter card

Then I planned to go to campus to delivery that wings bucket to my college friend, just to share my happiness in my special day :) Suddenly, a truck hit my car from the left when I crossed the road. I stopped, looking for the wrong thing. What the?? It scratched! No..no...no... the truck vagued. S***! It made me so messy in that time. Made me think to go home again...but how about my plans today? Should all the plans failed because of this ordeal? My plan to share my happiness around. A big no no. So, I called my mom, apologize and tell her everything that happened. I promised to fix it. Then I continued my plans. Ok, what's the plans? The key plan is spread happiness and share. Sounds like Santa Claus do haha...I looked around, find out whose I can help or whose always help me during the time. Gotta this, my campus friend-pekak nyanglung (campus guard, an old man with enormous dedication)-my boyfriend's fam-children's orphanage (remind me bout my faculty's charity few monts ago). 

Architecture Goes To Care For Children 2010 @ Panti Asuhan Dharma Jati II

Thanks to Mika for my candid ;)

What I did and what I gave, I think it's better to be my little secret hehe...The simplest thing is you can share your happiness with the people around you even just with a sincere smile. But if you have more, isn't wrong to share and give it. If there is a will, there is a way. Mission accomplished! 

Get ready for the mission :P

semi leather half jacket (Fashion Box)
white tanktop with Batik Mega Mendung and zipper accent (DIY, it's my design ^_^)
Zipper Latex leggings (Centro, got it from Centro Midnite Sale)
Strappy sandals (Balikyut)
Animal print laptop case (Strawberry)
Nerd glasses (unbranded)
grey Swatch (balikyut) 

hey, next chance, I'll tell u the 3rd part of my bday haha...

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