Selasa, 07 Desember 2010

A Glory on Galungan holy day

Yeyy...Indonesia wins the AFF football competition in against Thailand! 2:1. 2 for Indonesia and 1 for Thailand. So proud of u guys! It means Indonesia road to semifinal after win three competitions. Nice match....go Indonesia, fight \^0^/ GARUDA DI DADAKU.

In this day too, Hindu celebrate Galungan holy day. A holy day to celebrate the glory of the goodness against badness or in Hindu said "glory of Dharma against Adharma". So in this 1st holy day (total of 3 days), we made lots of Balinese food such as lawar, sate, tum, jukut ares, urutan..delicious ^__^ dun missed it if u have a holiday in Bali...Happy Galungan and Kuningan for Hindu around the world....
Owh..my mom was sick today :(  so I were handle all house work. Cooking, cleaning the house, and mejejaitan (made such an offerings for the God). Tired? of course! But, this is for u mom...get better soon my great mom, we love u  ^__^

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