Rabu, 01 Desember 2010

Before It's Too Late

It's 4 AM, so before it's too late to say and caring out, I just wanna share a red ribbon to remind us the day before, celebrate the AIDS day, hope on the day next our young generation increasingly aware with the damage of free sex. Hope the scientist will find the powerful medicine. And hope it'll be a bright future for our young generation.
my younger sister gave me this red ribbon in this afternoon, thank you so much to remind me its first day on December :)

Ready to get my new identity card  ^_^ my birthday closer yey!

white lace blouse (connexion)
vintage,sleek,and chic......

vintage flats (pelato)
from my J (>,<) luv it, vote!

my lovely bracelet (from J too) and my white Monol (balikyut)

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