Rabu, 16 November 2011

Batik Exhibition

Hi bloggers, well...I'm so busy right now...that's why I couldn't reach my blog in my spare time. Yaph...I moved to new office in Ubud. Far enough, but I'm happy :) Why? because I like the work atmosphere, salary (hehe..) and I never found traffic jam again hiyaa...everyday I pass field rice, traditional village, traditional market, river..umm..such holiday everyday *LOL. So, in this little little time...I wanna share about Batik Exhibition at Bentara Budaya Bali last month. I love batik too much....It's sooo Indonesia. Before, some people thought that batik is only for old woman, but now...its REBELLION, do u know what I mean? Yapp...it's going everlasting...our teenage generation start to (de)construction it...because if we don't start right now to conserve it, who else?? 
The exhibition is about batik in many many ways...applied art, painting, clothing...just enjoy pics below and perhaps it can inspire u :)

I decided to mix batik and Indonesian flag color (red and white).

This is my favorite painting...guess it...It's illustrates how modernity could be shift the traditional things slowly but surely.

Look at the shadow, pretty unique!

oya, last week I went to Lovina for weekend holiday, promise to share u bout the journey on the next update ;) see yaa...

Senin, 03 Oktober 2011

A Story from The Cans

I 'm falling in love with photography. Really. For me, photos would tell u lots of word, more than the writing does. That's the reason why I joined some photography communities like Semut Ireng, FSS, and Lomo. In this post, I'll share about one of Semut Ireng's event. Semut Ireng is a name for pinhole camera community. They show us that photography isn't expensive. You just need cans, pin (to make tiny hole inside the can), and photo paper. Swear, it's cheap *LOL. Furthermore, you can click here
This event called 'A Story from The Cans', an exhibition which held by two non-profit community, komunitas Semut Ireng and Sanggar Anak-Anak Tangguh, who educate the children to play and create artworks of photography through tin cans. It's show us the children's perspective about their daily life in black and white color and yaa...just from a can! Amazing. First time, exhibition was held in Art Cafe, Seminyak. Not only photos, also performed lovely dancing from Sanggar Anak-Anak Tangguh, and some music band performances (hiyaahh...Emergency Exit performed too...It's my favourite music band *lol). How has succeeded this event, you can see from the crowd ;) 

Then, the exhibition road to Ubud. It's located at Bar Luna at Jl. Gootama. Bar Luna was modern small bar with pop art touch and chic interior. 

The Emergency Exit performance

Me (the left one), Nicky (boy with white T-shirt), and Zenith (girl who turned her face)

Like I've said before...photos will tell you more...just enjoy my post :)

Jumat, 16 September 2011

Happy weekend :)

Hi. I feel better right now. On my last post I said that I need time for my self only. I did it. I spent a lonely night in Ubud. Just me and some books hehe. Maybe on the next post, I'll share you about my a day journey :) Oya, tonite I'll go to my high school event, I miss my high school time too much *lol... How about u? What's ur plan for weekend? Happy weekend everybody...


Senin, 22 Agustus 2011

I'm feelin' blue...

Holla. Along this last day, I'm feeling blue, I don't know why. I felt tired. I think I need more time for my self only. Btw, blue is my favorite color. Blue is lovely, blue sky, blue sea, and I love it! So calm inside. I need blue to drive out my restless. Really.

All picture I grabbed from google search.

Sabtu, 13 Agustus 2011

One day with Bali Fashion Blogger

Maybe it's late to post it...but before its too too late...I just write then *LOL. It's about BFB's (Bali Fashion Blogger) meeting for about couple weeks ago. I was so excited to meet them...yahh...I mean I'm a new things - addicted person...I was addicted with whole new things...new experiences, new friends, new places...I Love meet new peoples,  because for me...I could be enlarge my link, my buddies, friend is treasure...It's hard to find, and after u find it, keep it ;) So, on that day, we met at Black Canyon in Seminyak Square. How do u feel when u going to meet someone that u usually only know through cyberspace? Nervous? Yapp...little bit nervous. Before, we only know each other from blogging, we come from the same place, Bali...then I have an idea to make a small gathering. It feels jumbled when I try to guess what kind of person that I will meet. 
Voila...they are nice :) Dee, Dias, and Karis. Love u girls! We enjoyed the food, the atmosphere...girls talk..it was fun girl's day out...Hope on the next gathering, it would be more and more member ^_^

Dee , Karis, Dias, and me
what do u think about us? We are different but we have lot in common. In my opinion, Dee has elegant style, Dias has vintage style, Karis prefer casual, and me? I'm bohemian girl *LOL :) And us? We love fashion, writing, and our lovely blog.

Rabu, 27 Juli 2011

Bali Wedding Vaganza 2011

Whoaaa...such long time I not yet post anything...I was so busy with my work and my boutique. Voila, on this August I'll open my boutique, Balikyut. Wish me luck :) 
In my little spare time, I got invitation to Bali Wedding Vaganza 2011 (by Belladona WO) at Hongkong Garden for about a week ago. It was amazing event. Everything about Wedding. Dress, photography, EO, decoration, food, cosmetics, all about Wedding. What do you think about marriage? I'd love that all wedding dress, the cake, flower...wanna have unusual wedding party, use my own design dress...blablabla...but have do you think about who's person do you want to marry with? I mean, yahh..now I'm already have boyfriend..and hope so he would be the last one for me, but who know then? that's God's secret. We just run it and you'll know the end of the story then. 
So now, I just wanna enjoy my teenage time first...till I'm ready to go there hehe...
Here, I took some pictures about that event and the fashion show. Enjoy! ^__^

The fashion show held by some famous Indonesian designers, but poor me...my little spare time only enough to see the fashion show in first day...


Kebaya would be the lifetime material for the tradisional one...Yuph..it's gorgeous!

The last one was my favorite dress, It looks sexy, glamour, and elegant...
how about u? 

Kamis, 23 Juni 2011

My Recycle Project

Last week was IALF open day. Such fun day and I joined it :) There were bazaars (food, accessories, clothes,etc), competitions, music, fashion show, IELTS simulation, dance, and so on. IALF is one of English courses in my town. The theme is IALF Goes Green. So, if u wear the green thing, u'll be get lots free gift there...hehe lucky me..I wore my green cardigan at that event.
On my last post, I've talked about my recycle project. So this is it! I won first winner of Recycle Fashion Design Competition and third winner of Recycle Craft.

 Me (wore green cardigan) and Yuri, my model (in recycle outfit)

I made it only in two days, hehe...unfortunately I can't finish the recycle shoes, but..I won it :)
The skirt made from newspapers, the rose from tissues, the tube from straws and combined with plastic bottles as the accent, plastic bag for shoulder cap and coca cola cap for the earrings (coca cola was the sponsor). First time, I wanna make a dress with black and white theme. Yah..wanna make it looks so gothic..but the problem is too difficult to collect black straw in only two days for the tube...so I changed it in pink and white theme. It was going to totally different hehe...It's looks like a costplay of Sailormoon, one of Japanese cartoon. Do you think so?? 
I called it "The Power of Love", have you see the heart shape on the tube? 
Why I called that? Because the theme of that event is "IALF Goes Green", so I wanna make simply relation with that event. 

The Power of Love

The first thing to start the green way is by loving your self first, love your life, so you can love the earth. It's started from ourself. If you can appreciate yourself well, so you can appreciate you life too, and of course u'll be more appreciate our lovely earth.

Thanks for BD, Yuri, Autiz, Gung Eka, and Ayu for supported me :) 
So meaningful for me, friends...