Kamis, 23 Juni 2011

My Recycle Project

Last week was IALF open day. Such fun day and I joined it :) There were bazaars (food, accessories, clothes,etc), competitions, music, fashion show, IELTS simulation, dance, and so on. IALF is one of English courses in my town. The theme is IALF Goes Green. So, if u wear the green thing, u'll be get lots free gift there...hehe lucky me..I wore my green cardigan at that event.
On my last post, I've talked about my recycle project. So this is it! I won first winner of Recycle Fashion Design Competition and third winner of Recycle Craft.

 Me (wore green cardigan) and Yuri, my model (in recycle outfit)

I made it only in two days, hehe...unfortunately I can't finish the recycle shoes, but..I won it :)
The skirt made from newspapers, the rose from tissues, the tube from straws and combined with plastic bottles as the accent, plastic bag for shoulder cap and coca cola cap for the earrings (coca cola was the sponsor). First time, I wanna make a dress with black and white theme. Yah..wanna make it looks so gothic..but the problem is too difficult to collect black straw in only two days for the tube...so I changed it in pink and white theme. It was going to totally different hehe...It's looks like a costplay of Sailormoon, one of Japanese cartoon. Do you think so?? 
I called it "The Power of Love", have you see the heart shape on the tube? 
Why I called that? Because the theme of that event is "IALF Goes Green", so I wanna make simply relation with that event. 

The Power of Love

The first thing to start the green way is by loving your self first, love your life, so you can love the earth. It's started from ourself. If you can appreciate yourself well, so you can appreciate you life too, and of course u'll be more appreciate our lovely earth.

Thanks for BD, Yuri, Autiz, Gung Eka, and Ayu for supported me :) 
So meaningful for me, friends...

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  1. wow...congrats kak dewi :)
    cute dress!
    I've been trying do a green life...even though only minimize using plastic bag by bringing my shopping bag myself.. :)

  2. kak dewi! you're a blast!
    it was so amazing recycle fashion design..
    all of your idea was so brilliant
    Dian :)

  3. kak dewi, nomer hapeku udah aku send via email, please notify if you're already receive it :)

  4. aku belum libur dew.. hiks.. ampe akhir taon depan sepertinya..
    btw congrats y, you're so creative!! go green!

  5. Congrats Doll...this is by far one of the coolest post ever!!! absolutely LOVE IT.

    <3 Marina

  6. thanks kak dewi :)

    hearts for you <3

  7. back here again...so creative,,where are your new post

  8. Wow what an inspirational project, well done!

    Rianna xxxx