Rabu, 27 Juli 2011

Bali Wedding Vaganza 2011

Whoaaa...such long time I not yet post anything...I was so busy with my work and my boutique. Voila, on this August I'll open my boutique, Balikyut. Wish me luck :) 
In my little spare time, I got invitation to Bali Wedding Vaganza 2011 (by Belladona WO) at Hongkong Garden for about a week ago. It was amazing event. Everything about Wedding. Dress, photography, EO, decoration, food, cosmetics, all about Wedding. What do you think about marriage? I'd love that all wedding dress, the cake, flower...wanna have unusual wedding party, use my own design dress...blablabla...but have do you think about who's person do you want to marry with? I mean, yahh..now I'm already have boyfriend..and hope so he would be the last one for me, but who know then? that's God's secret. We just run it and you'll know the end of the story then. 
So now, I just wanna enjoy my teenage time first...till I'm ready to go there hehe...
Here, I took some pictures about that event and the fashion show. Enjoy! ^__^

The fashion show held by some famous Indonesian designers, but poor me...my little spare time only enough to see the fashion show in first day...


Kebaya would be the lifetime material for the tradisional one...Yuph..it's gorgeous!

The last one was my favorite dress, It looks sexy, glamour, and elegant...
how about u?