Sabtu, 01 September 2012

Hey...ready work for Lovely Monday :)

Sugar, I'm so enthusiastic to face this lovely Monday. Not only Monday, but the next and next Monday also. Yaa...I run my own company for architecture consultant and my fashion line. Fortunately both still in ART corridor, so I think I could handle it together. Between my job and my passion. Hope it could be balance. And do you know? I'm so happy, Ani, Yonas's sister (one of my blogger's friend) gave me gorgeous gift last week. Let guess! It's an animal print outwear. She designed it by herself. How talented young designer! And I think it could be great outfits to go to office and start my busy Monday. Do you think so? :) 

 Sugar, just check Ani's design from UB-Vintage. It's amazing!

Selasa, 21 Agustus 2012

Bali Fashion Festival 2012 (before it's too late *LOL)

 While working happily on my new office, spare my little time to share about Bali Fashion Festival 2012 which held on last 4th and 5th of August...yeahhh it's over...finally and GREAT. Thanks God! So many thanks I wanna say, to all lovely people that help us to created this event, especially for Bali Fashion Blogger and sponsors. 
Yes...actually so many things happened behind the scene. We lost in pre-event, we met wrong person in right time, we didn't get enough sponsor so we moved the place, we deal with all bad things around, we faced it together. And suddenly I got an appendix surgery. Could you imagine how I feel? Sick, lack of trust, and must try to stay calm even a lot of complain came to me. Really under pressure. Then how I could handle it? I resigned from my work. Seriously. Before, I worked at JVG Studio, one of Holland Architecture Consultant in Bali. It's not about I'm bored in it. But I must to choose. I have to finish what I started. And I need focus. Sometime, every dream need sacrifice. And in this post, we proudly present Bali Fashion Festival 2012 :) It's show you how a little dream could be my secret recipe...and it works... I dream it, I do it, it happened. 

created by Yonas Indrajaya

We did it with a lot of recycle stuffs (how 'green' we are *lol)

Fashion Bazaar from Bali Fashion Blogger, online shop and boutique around Bali

Thanks for all cool acoustic bands, Mia (presenter), and the street magician.

Fashion show by Bali Fashion Blogger labels and stand owner.
Thanks to our gorgeous models and GIG shoes.

Let hang on your wish :) 

could you see the crowd?

Extra time hehe...

Bali Fashion Blogger, my big family


Anggia (my model) and me
Thank you so mucchh dear :*

This is Balikyut newest collection (my fashion line)
We still re-branding, just wait for our new web...

It's me.
I fell in love with those rose headband, found out this cute thing from Cocraparis stand in our first day event.
So...on the second day event, I mix it with  my cutting T-shirt, rose high waist skirt and Hermes bag. Oh ya, don't forget my face painting :)

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Senin, 13 Agustus 2012

The Journey of Bali Fashion Festival

Hi sweethearts, long time no write hehe... I've passed a lot of things here. Happiness and sadness. And finally it done. Our biggest dream to held Bali Fashion Festival (BFF) finally done, success, stunning and happening (Vira's word haha). Yaa....I think I've already told you about my fashion community, BFB (Bali Fashion Blogger) and we wanna held those extraordinary event before :) Sooo....this post is completely about our journey to that BIG day. From our chit chat meeting, New York's magazine photoshoot, Peace Concert, Sunday Market, Aquarium catwalk, till Bali Fashion Festival. This is it...the priceless moment in my life :) 

This is big family of BFB, our first photo shoot for BFF proposal.
(who stand up: ayu, dias, dian, vista, dewi (me). who sit down: yonas, nia, vira, hanny)

 We love Indonesia, we love batik :)

In case to promote our event in YESS Bazaar

One day, one of fashion magazine in New York ask us to do some photo shoot for Teenage Street Style around Asia. They need more models, so I made calling for onliner fashionista...and could u see? The lucky three beside me are Tita, Jasmine, and Sherlinda.

Ayu, Ve, Hanny, and Mita

Dias, Dian, Vista and Nia

Yonas, Ani, Vira, Reina, Me, and Collin

Me and my bestfriend, Hanny

Still to promote our event, we were at Peace Concert, Kuta Central Park

This is Sunday Market...full of discount, coolest things, acoustic and fashion of course :)

Bali Fashion Blogger

Long journey isn't it? Promoted it, made pre event and make it comes true. It's not easy. I'll share about our problem in create this event. Hmm...but not in this post actually hehe...Next post I'll share about Aquarium Catwalk and my design. Then Bali Fashion Festival of course. So, keep reading sugar :)
Oya...wanna know more about BFF and BFB? just visit http://balifashionfestival.blogspot.com

Rabu, 23 Mei 2012

i fall in love

Hi sugar, how are u?
Umm...do you know? I have new routines now, usually i go to some chill places everyweekend, but now i must attend some meetings for my event. Yapphh this is event for my community, Bali Fashion Blogger. We'll prepare for Bali Fashion Festival 2012 this August. Hope next post, I could tell u more about the event ;)
By the way, I'm falling in love right now. Let guess who's the lucky one *LOL
No, we don't talk about my new boyfriend. I still with him of course :)
So?? It's about RENAISSANCE LIFE, one of my favorite jewelry brand. Renaissance Life is a Swedish, London-based jewellery design brand that makes timeless hand-crafted jewellery with a meaning, all designed  by Linnea Götstav. The inspiration comes from magic, dreams and illusions and our endless possibilities. Since the launch, in September 2009, Renaissance has been awarded “Best New Product Fashion” in 2010 and in 2011 the designer and founder, Linnéa Götstav, was selected “RISING STAR” by the jewellery magazine Retail Jeweler.Renaissance Life’s collections are available internationally in around 100 exclusive boutiques and department stores. You can find Renaissance Life ́s jewellery in Sweden, Norway, England, Israel, Kingdom of Bahrain, Russia, Australia, Netherlands, Singapore and Hong Kong.
I was so impressed when Linnéa Götstav, the designer/founder said  "Jewelry is something more intimate and personal than trends that come and go... It should become a part of you. It is not just something you wear. It gives you a certain energy for the day...”, how's great she show us...jewelry is not only just accessories, we take it if we ready to go to some party, and we keep it after it...I think jewelry is more like our signature - our personality indeed. Then let me show you about my favorite collection of Renaissance Life.

“Time is an illusion” is engraved on the backside of this jewellery watch. We at Renaissance Life believe that time is man-made and the only reality is the present.

Mini-horse necklace. This mini-horse necklace is a symbol for freedom. This horse is inspired by the handcrafted traditional dalahäst from Sweden. It is said that when you wear this horse necklace around your neck you will be freer and want to explor.
Inside this playful Swedish-Russian doll you can find a smaller doll which reveals a silver plated heart necklace. This piece won “Best product fashion” at Top Drawer, London.

Wing earrings. With these magical wings you will look like an angel from the sky. An extra bonus is also that your dreams may come true.

 Snowflakes can look similar from a distance, but every single one is as unique as your personality. With this piece on, you will feel the beauty within yourself and others.  
The petite collection is a celebration of the small things in life that we do not see and appreciate. This bracelet is a symbol of eternity and our short life on Earth.
Have you seen? That's why I'm falling in love with those all awesome things. Simple design, timeless, mix with classic touch. Great combine, doesn't it?  Oya, the new collection of Rel-life is “HOPE” which inspired by the midnight sky, the butterfly effect and unexplored sensual love and will be available in stores from Summer 2012. On their online flagship store they are doing a pre-launch of the new collection HOPE in May 2012!  What do you waiting for? Check this out and get yours :)

Jumat, 16 Maret 2012

Hollaa...BALIKYUT and National Finalist of Mandiri Young Entrepreneur

Hi sugar, so miss u all. I was so busy in the end of last year till now. Busy with my job as an architect, my community event, and my business. Yaa...i run my online shop which sell all things about fashion for teenage called Balikyut. Balikyut was born on February 14th'08, yes...since 4 years ago. I never plan to make this business honestly. It started when I was sick on that date, I read Gogirl! magazine (my fav magazine) and I found article about online shop. That's so inspired me and try to get well soon to start that business...and of course I got well (the power of mind exactly hehe...). Balikyut is like my secret world, where I could be play with my passion and drown in it. Fashion is my biggest passion. Yahh..but often happened is, the reality is so different. You couldn't go with your ego to choose your future. I love fashion but my parents told me to continue my study in architecture. I finished it, but I do my passion too. It's big deal. Fortunately both still in art corridor *LOL. My parents said it's hard to make both balance, they told me to choose between architecture and fashion. I can't. I couldn't choose, I choose both. So, I show them how could I balance it. After I got job at Dutch architect consultant, I passed the selection of Regional Finalist of Mandiri Young Entrepreneur (thanks God!). Then? I win my category in regional and go for the National Finalist. Yaa...I'm be one of National Finalist of Mandiri Young Entrepreneur 2011. I went to Jakarta for one week. Oh my gosh! That was so great experience for me....i met a lot of great peoples, more business knowledge, more colleague, friends, and much more. Priceless and speechless. Maybe picture below could talk more about my speechless experience *LOL. Just little quote from me, "They say that only few people are able to be successful in many things, and I'll be proved that I am one of them". "Future is waiting for you and your passion is your weapon, shoot it!".

Balikyut, "We color up your teen-age".

It's me :)

The Exhibition @ Jakarta Convention Hall

 I was very excited to meet new friends....Yoris Sebastian (creative junkies), Bu Fitri Malarangeng, Rene, Endah'n Rhesa, Vierra, Charles Bonar, etc. Weew!!!

Dinner @ Black Cat, one of Jazz cafe in Jakarta

I love photography too, this is for you :) a gift from Black Cat light...I love playing light...its colorful!

Rabu, 16 November 2011

Batik Exhibition

Hi bloggers, well...I'm so busy right now...that's why I couldn't reach my blog in my spare time. Yaph...I moved to new office in Ubud. Far enough, but I'm happy :) Why? because I like the work atmosphere, salary (hehe..) and I never found traffic jam again hiyaa...everyday I pass field rice, traditional village, traditional market, river..umm..such holiday everyday *LOL. So, in this little little time...I wanna share about Batik Exhibition at Bentara Budaya Bali last month. I love batik too much....It's sooo Indonesia. Before, some people thought that batik is only for old woman, but now...its REBELLION, do u know what I mean? Yapp...it's going everlasting...our teenage generation start to (de)construction it...because if we don't start right now to conserve it, who else?? 
The exhibition is about batik in many many ways...applied art, painting, clothing...just enjoy pics below and perhaps it can inspire u :)

I decided to mix batik and Indonesian flag color (red and white).

This is my favorite painting...guess it...It's illustrates how modernity could be shift the traditional things slowly but surely.

Look at the shadow, pretty unique!

oya, last week I went to Lovina for weekend holiday, promise to share u bout the journey on the next update ;) see yaa...

Senin, 03 Oktober 2011

A Story from The Cans

I 'm falling in love with photography. Really. For me, photos would tell u lots of word, more than the writing does. That's the reason why I joined some photography communities like Semut Ireng, FSS, and Lomo. In this post, I'll share about one of Semut Ireng's event. Semut Ireng is a name for pinhole camera community. They show us that photography isn't expensive. You just need cans, pin (to make tiny hole inside the can), and photo paper. Swear, it's cheap *LOL. Furthermore, you can click here
This event called 'A Story from The Cans', an exhibition which held by two non-profit community, komunitas Semut Ireng and Sanggar Anak-Anak Tangguh, who educate the children to play and create artworks of photography through tin cans. It's show us the children's perspective about their daily life in black and white color and yaa...just from a can! Amazing. First time, exhibition was held in Art Cafe, Seminyak. Not only photos, also performed lovely dancing from Sanggar Anak-Anak Tangguh, and some music band performances (hiyaahh...Emergency Exit performed too...It's my favourite music band *lol). How has succeeded this event, you can see from the crowd ;) 

Then, the exhibition road to Ubud. It's located at Bar Luna at Jl. Gootama. Bar Luna was modern small bar with pop art touch and chic interior. 

The Emergency Exit performance

Me (the left one), Nicky (boy with white T-shirt), and Zenith (girl who turned her face)

Like I've said before...photos will tell you more...just enjoy my post :)