Senin, 13 Agustus 2012

The Journey of Bali Fashion Festival

Hi sweethearts, long time no write hehe... I've passed a lot of things here. Happiness and sadness. And finally it done. Our biggest dream to held Bali Fashion Festival (BFF) finally done, success, stunning and happening (Vira's word haha). Yaa....I think I've already told you about my fashion community, BFB (Bali Fashion Blogger) and we wanna held those extraordinary event before :) Sooo....this post is completely about our journey to that BIG day. From our chit chat meeting, New York's magazine photoshoot, Peace Concert, Sunday Market, Aquarium catwalk, till Bali Fashion Festival. This is it...the priceless moment in my life :) 

This is big family of BFB, our first photo shoot for BFF proposal.
(who stand up: ayu, dias, dian, vista, dewi (me). who sit down: yonas, nia, vira, hanny)

 We love Indonesia, we love batik :)

In case to promote our event in YESS Bazaar

One day, one of fashion magazine in New York ask us to do some photo shoot for Teenage Street Style around Asia. They need more models, so I made calling for onliner fashionista...and could u see? The lucky three beside me are Tita, Jasmine, and Sherlinda.

Ayu, Ve, Hanny, and Mita

Dias, Dian, Vista and Nia

Yonas, Ani, Vira, Reina, Me, and Collin

Me and my bestfriend, Hanny

Still to promote our event, we were at Peace Concert, Kuta Central Park

This is Sunday Market...full of discount, coolest things, acoustic and fashion of course :)

Bali Fashion Blogger

Long journey isn't it? Promoted it, made pre event and make it comes true. It's not easy. I'll share about our problem in create this event. Hmm...but not in this post actually hehe...Next post I'll share about Aquarium Catwalk and my design. Then Bali Fashion Festival of course. So, keep reading sugar :)
Oya...wanna know more about BFF and BFB? just visit http://balifashionfestival.blogspot.com

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  1. So happy be a part of Bali Fashion Blogger :*
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    1. Me too dear....
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  7. How fun - you all look great! I learned some Balinese dancing in college and that was cool! Greetings from Atlanta. ;-)