Rabu, 23 Mei 2012

i fall in love

Hi sugar, how are u?
Umm...do you know? I have new routines now, usually i go to some chill places everyweekend, but now i must attend some meetings for my event. Yapphh this is event for my community, Bali Fashion Blogger. We'll prepare for Bali Fashion Festival 2012 this August. Hope next post, I could tell u more about the event ;)
By the way, I'm falling in love right now. Let guess who's the lucky one *LOL
No, we don't talk about my new boyfriend. I still with him of course :)
So?? It's about RENAISSANCE LIFE, one of my favorite jewelry brand. Renaissance Life is a Swedish, London-based jewellery design brand that makes timeless hand-crafted jewellery with a meaning, all designed  by Linnea Götstav. The inspiration comes from magic, dreams and illusions and our endless possibilities. Since the launch, in September 2009, Renaissance has been awarded “Best New Product Fashion” in 2010 and in 2011 the designer and founder, Linnéa Götstav, was selected “RISING STAR” by the jewellery magazine Retail Jeweler.Renaissance Life’s collections are available internationally in around 100 exclusive boutiques and department stores. You can find Renaissance Life ́s jewellery in Sweden, Norway, England, Israel, Kingdom of Bahrain, Russia, Australia, Netherlands, Singapore and Hong Kong.
I was so impressed when Linnéa Götstav, the designer/founder said  "Jewelry is something more intimate and personal than trends that come and go... It should become a part of you. It is not just something you wear. It gives you a certain energy for the day...”, how's great she show us...jewelry is not only just accessories, we take it if we ready to go to some party, and we keep it after it...I think jewelry is more like our signature - our personality indeed. Then let me show you about my favorite collection of Renaissance Life.

“Time is an illusion” is engraved on the backside of this jewellery watch. We at Renaissance Life believe that time is man-made and the only reality is the present.

Mini-horse necklace. This mini-horse necklace is a symbol for freedom. This horse is inspired by the handcrafted traditional dalahäst from Sweden. It is said that when you wear this horse necklace around your neck you will be freer and want to explor.
Inside this playful Swedish-Russian doll you can find a smaller doll which reveals a silver plated heart necklace. This piece won “Best product fashion” at Top Drawer, London.

Wing earrings. With these magical wings you will look like an angel from the sky. An extra bonus is also that your dreams may come true.

 Snowflakes can look similar from a distance, but every single one is as unique as your personality. With this piece on, you will feel the beauty within yourself and others.  
The petite collection is a celebration of the small things in life that we do not see and appreciate. This bracelet is a symbol of eternity and our short life on Earth.
Have you seen? That's why I'm falling in love with those all awesome things. Simple design, timeless, mix with classic touch. Great combine, doesn't it?  Oya, the new collection of Rel-life is “HOPE” which inspired by the midnight sky, the butterfly effect and unexplored sensual love and will be available in stores from Summer 2012. On their online flagship store they are doing a pre-launch of the new collection HOPE in May 2012!  What do you waiting for? Check this out and get yours :)

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