Jumat, 16 Maret 2012

Hollaa...BALIKYUT and National Finalist of Mandiri Young Entrepreneur

Hi sugar, so miss u all. I was so busy in the end of last year till now. Busy with my job as an architect, my community event, and my business. Yaa...i run my online shop which sell all things about fashion for teenage called Balikyut. Balikyut was born on February 14th'08, yes...since 4 years ago. I never plan to make this business honestly. It started when I was sick on that date, I read Gogirl! magazine (my fav magazine) and I found article about online shop. That's so inspired me and try to get well soon to start that business...and of course I got well (the power of mind exactly hehe...). Balikyut is like my secret world, where I could be play with my passion and drown in it. Fashion is my biggest passion. Yahh..but often happened is, the reality is so different. You couldn't go with your ego to choose your future. I love fashion but my parents told me to continue my study in architecture. I finished it, but I do my passion too. It's big deal. Fortunately both still in art corridor *LOL. My parents said it's hard to make both balance, they told me to choose between architecture and fashion. I can't. I couldn't choose, I choose both. So, I show them how could I balance it. After I got job at Dutch architect consultant, I passed the selection of Regional Finalist of Mandiri Young Entrepreneur (thanks God!). Then? I win my category in regional and go for the National Finalist. Yaa...I'm be one of National Finalist of Mandiri Young Entrepreneur 2011. I went to Jakarta for one week. Oh my gosh! That was so great experience for me....i met a lot of great peoples, more business knowledge, more colleague, friends, and much more. Priceless and speechless. Maybe picture below could talk more about my speechless experience *LOL. Just little quote from me, "They say that only few people are able to be successful in many things, and I'll be proved that I am one of them". "Future is waiting for you and your passion is your weapon, shoot it!".

Balikyut, "We color up your teen-age".

It's me :)

The Exhibition @ Jakarta Convention Hall

 I was very excited to meet new friends....Yoris Sebastian (creative junkies), Bu Fitri Malarangeng, Rene, Endah'n Rhesa, Vierra, Charles Bonar, etc. Weew!!!

Dinner @ Black Cat, one of Jazz cafe in Jakarta

I love photography too, this is for you :) a gift from Black Cat light...I love playing light...its colorful!

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  1. thats WOW ! a great experience Dewi :)

  2. aaa, cool kak dew! Aku jadi pingin punya tokooo jugak x)

  3. wow... congrats, semoga bisa menginspirasi anak muda Indonesia, supeeerrr..