Jumat, 25 Februari 2011

yes, I need a plate of waffle

My J picked me up for dessert time, we love ice cream, and we decided to go to Flapjacks Seminyak. We both love this spot because of the atmosphere and the modern interior...quiet enough and homey.. so made us comfort to begin our chat. Miss its flava too much....

gold headband (Strawberry)
black T-shirt (Fashion Market)
hotpants (unbranded)
brown bag (BFF's gift)
black platforms (sister's gift)

love it platforms too much...thanks Dyan (my sister), I've been dreamin' this item for long time hehe..

yummy...that's my favorite waffle

J got his bokcoy juice (from vegetable) and I got my mint tea, let's have tea time :)

Minggu, 20 Februari 2011

I'm in summer

It was a sunny day, beautiful sky, and i LOVE it :) umm..it gave me an idea to have a picnic, and how about u? how about ur weekend? would u tell me...

white hat (unbranded)
flowery dress (balikyut)
stripped cardigan (FM)
skinny belt (Fashion Box)
brown bag (BFF's gift)
flowery wedges (Red Wine)

Jumat, 18 Februari 2011

The best day ever

whoaa...finally...in my busy time at college, I could post and share this sweet moment :)
Hey, last valentine day was my 1st relationship anniversary...he picked me up to enjoy that lovely day,,yes we went to Bedugul Botanical Garden...it was a long time we didn't feel the fresh air, the mountain atmosphere, green scenery, we missed it so much, that's why we decided to go there. He also gave me a gorgeous necklace, so vintage, I'm fall in love in it...He said that this necklace was from his father, a gift from his journey in Brazil. Then a bucket of rose. Thank you so much dear :) It was my best day ever...

a vintage necklace from Brazil

a bucket of rose :)

love letter
my chocolate's sweetness was still inferior to the sweetness of that day

Welcome to Bedugul Botanical Garden (it located at Tabanan Regency)
unsimetrical white blouse (ITC Cempaka Mas)
brown vintage bag (BFF's gift)
flowery wedges (Red Wine)
vintage necklace (gift from my J)

Our best day ever

We tried the local food too. It called 'Rujak Boni', contains of tropical fresh fruits (boni, papaya, pineapple,etc),  and spicy sweet seasoning.

After tried the local food, we went to Strawberry Stop to taste the delicious strawberry pancake and fresh strawberry juice..umm..yummy ^__^
Got it cute notes from Gramedia

This maybe a little late, but Happy Valentine...i Love u all bloggers :)

Sabtu, 12 Februari 2011

Indie Community Party

Yesterday, I got an invitation to an Indie Community Party at Antida Cafe. It was about teenage party which accompany by indie community in Bali such as lomo, finger board, gundam, lubang jarum, and hip hop. The guest star was Dialog Dini Hari. Overall, it was so cool event, yay!

 Military shirt (gift from my J)
brown layer skirt (balikyut)
brown bag and belt (my sista's wardrobe)
black strappy wedges (balikyut)

 go finger board go!

the atmosphere

break dance from Hip Hop Community

I'm Lomo people :)

After attended that amazing party, I went to Matahari Galleria for accompany my sister to buy something she need. I went to strawberry and we both bought an 'Usamimi' (it means rabbit's hear), then I got the new strawberry VIP Card (it was expired when i got the cashier). I promise, on the next post I'll tell u bout my V'day and how to use an Usamimi in different way,,haha,gotcha...

Kamis, 10 Februari 2011

A Twilight

One afternoon, my boyfriend picked me up to go to some chill place. We decided to go to Potato Head at seminyak. It's a new hang out place around Kuta, must have visit list if u come to Bali :)

vintage flowery maxi dress (unique boutique)
stripped cardigan (unbranded)
brown bag (gift)
sunnies (Gogirl!)
skinny belt (my sista's wardrobe)
brown wedges (mom's wardrobe)
I got the awesome way to wear the skinny belt,,yey!

Potato Head exterior and interior

Potato Head such a beach club which contains of lounge, restaurant, and bar. The exterior and interior is full with recycling wood window, totally vintage and fabulous, two thumbs up for Andra Matin, the architects, hope someday I could be a great architect like him :) Main entrance of this building is like an alley. Just follow this path and u'll find the surprise part. A beach! A beach in front of the lounge. Cozy, comfy, great spot!

Yummy, love this session, having my favorite dishes ^__^

Sabtu, 05 Februari 2011

Balikyut's Project

I love fashion, photography and bussiness. It's a based reason why I run my online shop named Balikyut since 2008. Unfortunately, it must be closed because now I must concentrate with my final project in architecture. Hope after this last struggle in university, Balikyut could be open it's own boutique around nangka street...it's so nice if u would come in our grand opening :) The photos below is my favorite shoot, just enjoy  ^__^
model : Bunga
photographer : Bagus Satria Hadi (BSH)
stylish : me
location : Art Centre, Denpasar

Model : Dyan and Ratih
Photographer : Me
Stylish : Me
Location : Nusa Dua Beach

model : dyan, wilma, ina, and ratih
photographer : BSH and Saweka
stylist : me
make up : Rere
location : Nusa Dua Beach

Model : Linda, Wilma, and Dyan
Photographer : Rangga Wawo and Ndra Hugo
Stylish : Me
Location : Kuta Central Parking

A little sweet gift from Japan

One of my college's friend, Adel, gave me this cute things from Japan. I asked her to bring me Sakura-tree haha...and she gave me mini sakura cloth bag, so I can put anythin' my secret recipe into it cute thing hehe...Then she also gave me a post card with signature and sketch of Tadao Ando, one of famous architect in Japan. Oh, thx u dear :)


Yihaa...spare my time to try the new water park in Bali, Green Park - Nusa Dua, with my college's friends and my J. It was still in development progress when we got there. Hope it'll be the next great water recreation spot, in affordable price certainly :)

Ian - Jie - Me - Adit - Wiwin - Gema - Adel - Inul
My J and me

A Groove Day

One day my dear J asked me to accompany him to go to studio for his band reunion. He loves music too much. And I love his voice :) He always sing for me,yeyeyy >,< 

Now my turn...beib, it's for u...Best Thing-Mocca
I’ve got the best thing in the world
Coz’ I got you in my heart
And this screw little world
Let’s hold hand together
We can share forever
Maybe someday the sky will be coloured with our love
I wake up in the morning
Feeling emptyness in my heart
This pain is just too real
I dream about you, with someone else
Please say that you love me
That we’ll never be apart
You have to promise
That you will be faithfull
And there will be lots and lots of love
It is the thing that really matters in this world…


elmo t-shirt (gift from my sista)
flowery skirt (body and soul)
owl bag (retrogogo)
flowery wedges (red wine)

Their band won the first prize of Festival Band Smansa for about 3 or 4 years ago. It's named 'Sent Item'. Why? So i asked my J. "Its meant we hope eventually we perform, we could transfer our song's feel to the crowd, the meaning, or the energy then, and if it's finish, message of that song delivered, it's such as the sent item in your phone. So, just enjoy...", answered him.

Kamis, 03 Februari 2011

His name is Windu

First, his name is Windu. He was my primary school's friend. We used to compete in study and drawing. He pursued his obsession in drawing and painting. And me, find my real obsession in fashion and bussiness. He is idealist, he did the things that he likes, and he always choosed his own way. A boy with strong principles in his life. Admire him. One day after a very long time we never meet, he invited me to his solo painting exhibition in a hotel gallery around Nusa Dua. Wow! Sounds great! A young man with the solo exhibition. Amazing! So, I didn't want to miss thus event. 

"Imagine when the powers rational and ceative mind are united within a frame in a just, balanced and harmonious manner. This partnership would result in an incredible work of art that would fulfill and complete our needs."

When I asked him what did the style that he choose, he only answered, "So, this is it. Just look around my painting, it just so me". Wow. I see. It just so u :) good job guy! Ok, I'm not expert in painting way, so I called it 'benang kusut style' or 'tangled yarn style'. In my opinion, tangled yarn meaning 'finding yourself and choose your way in life. Sometime, life looks so hard and difficult, same as the first time u see this tangled yarn, but in otherwise u can learn how to be grow, how to face the life, how to choose, be more patiently, be more carefully person when u try to straighten this tangled. Awesome theory I thought.

One quote from Windu, " I Love Balance. Everyone need balance in their life. I can't always to turn left. I can't always to turn right. I must be turn left and turn right to arrive in my home. (Just browse http://windusegara.com to see the another Windu's painting)

Me and Windu

Windu's exhibition such as a small reunion for me XP, a lots friends there, from primary school, junior, and senior high school. Miss u all guys! This photo with Yuni, my classmate in senior high school, SMAN 1 Denpasar.

This is Tanayung, my BFF and my work's partner :) We've picked batik as the dresscode that time.

Me and my favorite paniting, fallin' in love in this :)

Batik dress (balikyut)
cream blazer (unbranded)
square bag (unique boutique)
flowery wedges (red wine)