Kamis, 10 Februari 2011

A Twilight

One afternoon, my boyfriend picked me up to go to some chill place. We decided to go to Potato Head at seminyak. It's a new hang out place around Kuta, must have visit list if u come to Bali :)

vintage flowery maxi dress (unique boutique)
stripped cardigan (unbranded)
brown bag (gift)
sunnies (Gogirl!)
skinny belt (my sista's wardrobe)
brown wedges (mom's wardrobe)
I got the awesome way to wear the skinny belt,,yey!

Potato Head exterior and interior

Potato Head such a beach club which contains of lounge, restaurant, and bar. The exterior and interior is full with recycling wood window, totally vintage and fabulous, two thumbs up for Andra Matin, the architects, hope someday I could be a great architect like him :) Main entrance of this building is like an alley. Just follow this path and u'll find the surprise part. A beach! A beach in front of the lounge. Cozy, comfy, great spot!

Yummy, love this session, having my favorite dishes ^__^

13 komentar:

  1. That dress is absolutely STUNNING on you!! I love the colors. :)

  2. wow... alamat potato headny donk, hehehe...pengen deh... *ngiler

  3. your outfit so sweet!
    and i like thats building!!!

  4. potato head th tempat apa aja kak ?

  5. love the dress kak :D
    ngomong2 kalo sore tempatnya bagus yah,kalo malem gelap -_-

  6. cool outfit u looks pretty X3
    thx for your comment at my blog visit me anytime u like


  7. @jennifer : thx dear :)
    @veda : d jl petitenget seminyak ve,,tp hrga'na ckp wow hehe..(aq snggup bli eskrim aj haha)
    @shatirah : me too :)
    @dian: resto, bar, and lounge dian..
    @dewanti: bgusan pas sunset kesanana,,he2..
    @shella : thx shella :)

  8. kalo sunsetan ga kena charge tambahan kan disana? hehe

  9. @dewanti : sure not hehe..tenang aje non..

  10. Hi! Thank you for your visit on my blog. That dress you're wearing is really cute - and the dessert looks wonderfully tempting, too. Made me want an ice cream right now. :)

  11. cool!!! i must go there... haha. nice dress sista :)