Sabtu, 05 Februari 2011

A Groove Day

One day my dear J asked me to accompany him to go to studio for his band reunion. He loves music too much. And I love his voice :) He always sing for me,yeyeyy >,< 

Now my turn...beib, it's for u...Best Thing-Mocca
I’ve got the best thing in the world
Coz’ I got you in my heart
And this screw little world
Let’s hold hand together
We can share forever
Maybe someday the sky will be coloured with our love
I wake up in the morning
Feeling emptyness in my heart
This pain is just too real
I dream about you, with someone else
Please say that you love me
That we’ll never be apart
You have to promise
That you will be faithfull
And there will be lots and lots of love
It is the thing that really matters in this world…


elmo t-shirt (gift from my sista)
flowery skirt (body and soul)
owl bag (retrogogo)
flowery wedges (red wine)

Their band won the first prize of Festival Band Smansa for about 3 or 4 years ago. It's named 'Sent Item'. Why? So i asked my J. "Its meant we hope eventually we perform, we could transfer our song's feel to the crowd, the meaning, or the energy then, and if it's finish, message of that song delivered, it's such as the sent item in your phone. So, just enjoy...", answered him.

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