Kamis, 03 Februari 2011

His name is Windu

First, his name is Windu. He was my primary school's friend. We used to compete in study and drawing. He pursued his obsession in drawing and painting. And me, find my real obsession in fashion and bussiness. He is idealist, he did the things that he likes, and he always choosed his own way. A boy with strong principles in his life. Admire him. One day after a very long time we never meet, he invited me to his solo painting exhibition in a hotel gallery around Nusa Dua. Wow! Sounds great! A young man with the solo exhibition. Amazing! So, I didn't want to miss thus event. 

"Imagine when the powers rational and ceative mind are united within a frame in a just, balanced and harmonious manner. This partnership would result in an incredible work of art that would fulfill and complete our needs."

When I asked him what did the style that he choose, he only answered, "So, this is it. Just look around my painting, it just so me". Wow. I see. It just so u :) good job guy! Ok, I'm not expert in painting way, so I called it 'benang kusut style' or 'tangled yarn style'. In my opinion, tangled yarn meaning 'finding yourself and choose your way in life. Sometime, life looks so hard and difficult, same as the first time u see this tangled yarn, but in otherwise u can learn how to be grow, how to face the life, how to choose, be more patiently, be more carefully person when u try to straighten this tangled. Awesome theory I thought.

One quote from Windu, " I Love Balance. Everyone need balance in their life. I can't always to turn left. I can't always to turn right. I must be turn left and turn right to arrive in my home. (Just browse http://windusegara.com to see the another Windu's painting)

Me and Windu

Windu's exhibition such as a small reunion for me XP, a lots friends there, from primary school, junior, and senior high school. Miss u all guys! This photo with Yuni, my classmate in senior high school, SMAN 1 Denpasar.

This is Tanayung, my BFF and my work's partner :) We've picked batik as the dresscode that time.

Me and my favorite paniting, fallin' in love in this :)

Batik dress (balikyut)
cream blazer (unbranded)
square bag (unique boutique)
flowery wedges (red wine)

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  1. wah kakak smansa juga ya? angkatan kapan kak? :)

  2. kak dewi! top beud kak :D
    i wish i could paint, haha

  3. @dewanti: iya :) aq angkatan 2004, lulusna 2007 kmren..km kul d ugm y? jur ap?

    @dias: iya ni kren lukisan tmenqu ntu..ayo dcoba, u couldn't know u have sense in painting if u aren't try yet ;)

  4. ooohh iya kak :) aku jurusan akuntansi, pacarnya kak aji ya ternyata wah :)

  5. wew knal ma aji y? wkwkwk..iya jd mlu >,<