Jumat, 28 Januari 2011

it was so bright day :)

I got a job to designing the contractor office's interior. So, my lovely girl, Hanny, accompanied me to meet some relations in this project. Because it was a hot and soooo bright day,,,gotcha...i love it!!! i love that blue sky!!! After meeting, we decided to go to our favorite ice cream shop...it named Lotus, located at Bypass Ngurah Rai. Hmm... ice cream made that bright day looks so perfectly for me...yummmiii...this is it ^__^

me and hanny

hanny was perfectly in London style

vintage blazer (unbranded)
brown dress (Flo)
brown bag (gift from Hanny)
strappy sandals (balikyut)

Denpasar Festival 2010 (maybe it's too late hehe...)

I just wanna share my fun day in Denpasar Festival 2010....a lots fun :) yippiii...let the photos talk...

me and my BFF (hanny)

Oka Dawet - Hanny - Me - Tanayung

with Lomonesia Bali and Foto Suka Seni Community

such a photobox haha...

I grab it!

umm...yummiii...waffle, rujak gobet, kolak, tipat belayag

grey shirt (sista's gift)
kafiyeh (strawberry)
cropped jeans (Mangga Dua)
strappy sandals (balikyut)

Jumat, 21 Januari 2011

It just a break time??Oh really?

It was so awkward week,,,,damn....i passed my pre-scription with B,,,sounds good...but it wasn't fair :(
I've got 'the killer' lecturer and my friend got 'the dreamin' lecturer...so, let guess the score?? it was so different.
But my closest buddy kip' my spirit up,,they said "How bout if ur lucky friend got ur killer lecturer? She can't passed that exam with the great compliment (from my killer lecturer of course) as u did, can she? just proud of u girl...". Right! I proud of my self. This is my original design idea. Great presentation. In my right way, no cheat and lick (hellooo....). And I can handle that killer lecturer in my way :)
Now...a week for break with a dozen revision. God, help me.
*My J come back today...yeyy... a week revision and a week fully of love haha...

me and my BFF

Minggu, 02 Januari 2011

Architecture Photography Exhibition 2010

Fiuhh...Well done! Hurray...I've passed the busiest week yesterday, It was so crowded day...now, I'll share a little pieces story bout this event. 
Himpunan Mahasiswa Arsitektur Udayana in 3th grade proudly present  the architecture photography exhibition 2010. And it's gave me chance to be a leader of this great event, priceless...and wow, thanks friend for ur trust and opportunity...it gave me a lot of advantages :) (find this word in Danone's event)

The exhibition was held on December 21-23th'10 at gedung Bentara Budaya, Jl Bypass Ida Bagus Mantra, Bali. It was the most luxury exhibition place I ever met. Thanks to Mr. Warih for ur place ^__^
The exhibition took the unique concept, not only bout photo exhibition of Architecture Udayana Photography Club and the finalist of Architecture Photography Contest 2010 (congrats guys!), but also it colaborated by Perhimpunan Fotografer Bali (PFB), Lomonesia Bali 'Lolipop", Fotografi Lubang Jarum 'Semut Ireng', and Foto Suka Seni (FSS). Those communities so colors up the exhibition. All in one! so, if u come, u can see many kind of photograph, amazing! By this event too, I got a lot of new friends, and I love it! I love to meet the new peoples :) The opening was succesfull (thx God!) attracted for about 90 peoples in 1st day. We was the beginner, and I hope the next generation'll continue this event...c yaa on Architecture Exhibition 2011 ;)
Love u all guys..........!!!!!!

Me and my photos
Up-left : Dalang Proyek
Down-left : Taksu
Down-right : Sang Eksekutor

black semi leather jacket (Fashion Box)
Architecture T-shirt
brown tassel bag (gift)
grey skinny jeans
black strappy wedges (balikyut)

OwLio...all 'bout owL

owl top (Unique boutique)
black tanktop
zipper legging
black strappy wedges (balikyut)
owl bag (Retrogogo)

Ethnic is My Identity

butterfly top (Sukawati)
zipper legging (Gogirl! bonus)
brown tassel bag
black strappy wedges (balikyut)