Jumat, 21 Januari 2011

It just a break time??Oh really?

It was so awkward week,,,,damn....i passed my pre-scription with B,,,sounds good...but it wasn't fair :(
I've got 'the killer' lecturer and my friend got 'the dreamin' lecturer...so, let guess the score?? it was so different.
But my closest buddy kip' my spirit up,,they said "How bout if ur lucky friend got ur killer lecturer? She can't passed that exam with the great compliment (from my killer lecturer of course) as u did, can she? just proud of u girl...". Right! I proud of my self. This is my original design idea. Great presentation. In my right way, no cheat and lick (hellooo....). And I can handle that killer lecturer in my way :)
Now...a week for break with a dozen revision. God, help me.
*My J come back today...yeyy... a week revision and a week fully of love haha...

me and my BFF

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  1. makasi ya kak udah kasi komentar d blog saya :)
    dengan kakak siapa ya? :)
    bls ke blog saya ya kak :)