Sabtu, 13 Agustus 2011

One day with Bali Fashion Blogger

Maybe it's late to post it...but before its too too late...I just write then *LOL. It's about BFB's (Bali Fashion Blogger) meeting for about couple weeks ago. I was so excited to meet them...yahh...I mean I'm a new things - addicted person...I was addicted with whole new things...new experiences, new friends, new places...I Love meet new peoples,  because for me...I could be enlarge my link, my buddies, friend is treasure...It's hard to find, and after u find it, keep it ;) So, on that day, we met at Black Canyon in Seminyak Square. How do u feel when u going to meet someone that u usually only know through cyberspace? Nervous? Yapp...little bit nervous. Before, we only know each other from blogging, we come from the same place, Bali...then I have an idea to make a small gathering. It feels jumbled when I try to guess what kind of person that I will meet. 
Voila...they are nice :) Dee, Dias, and Karis. Love u girls! We enjoyed the food, the atmosphere...girls talk..it was fun girl's day out...Hope on the next gathering, it would be more and more member ^_^

Dee , Karis, Dias, and me
what do u think about us? We are different but we have lot in common. In my opinion, Dee has elegant style, Dias has vintage style, Karis prefer casual, and me? I'm bohemian girl *LOL :) And us? We love fashion, writing, and our lovely blog.

12 komentar:

  1. seems fun!
    hope one day i can join you all...

  2. :)
    saya sdh smpet k Divine Wonderland kak, nice place in the noon time :D
    oh ya kak, dmn nyari gladiators yg isi manik2 kyk yg kak dewi pake?

  3. You look so awesome!
    I like your shoes!

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    thanks for following me :)

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    sign up for my giveaway if you interested

    keep in touch,
    Miss Aa

  5. You look super cute! xoxo

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  7. mauuu kak dewiiii :D blm smpet main k butiknya kak dewi ni :( bntar lg ospek :'( ni tugas ud numpuk :'(
    pgnnya sih sm indah ksna ni, hehe

  8. Ka dewi sudah ayu followback yaa ;;)
    kalo ada meet and greet lagi ayunya di ajal dong :p
    thanks btw for following kak :D

  9. kita ber4 unyuu deh :D << org narsis

  10. cute <3 i love your sandals ;)

  11. aku di bali kak sampe tgl 7 ni habis tu ke malang deh mulai kuliah >.<