Kamis, 02 Desember 2010

It's My B'day

What do you think if someone ask about your age? How old are you? Ok, first I always wanna answer I'm 17. Lots people dun wanna seems 'old', so do I. It's little bit hard to say that I'm 21 now. What do you think about woman with 21 age? adult? wise? sexy?elegant? oh...not at all. So far away with how am I in this 21 age. I still love ice cream so much, still like chewing gum, still like to wear sumthin' cute...and whateva...I'm me that just as the ordinary. The different is increase number 1 behind the number 2. Twenty One. Sounds like cinema haha...
Second differences is my responsibility is bigger now. I must graduate next year, must continue my father company, I have 3 sister younger than me, and etc...etc...wow...complexity. But, I must face everythin' that come to me :) Ok, I'm ready. Because I'm not alone. I have a great God that always belongs to me. Thanks God for everythin' that u given to me till this time. I have lovely family that always support me in all my time, in evrythin' I do. I have my J, my boyfriend who always patiently and try to understanding me well. I have a lots friend that color up my day. Exactly, I love my life even sometime I must stay up all night to make my homework or cry to decrease my stress every last day before collect the final project. It's hard being an architecture student,  in my opinion. That's I felt. So, in this year, I wanna make my b'day more memorable for people around me. It's not just about treat your family or friend again, it's bout caring the others :) And I decided do some little things. It's secret! Just read the next post  >,< The keyword is "giving better than receiving". And in my happiness day, I would like to make them smile, yeah the peoples around me....maybe U in my list ;) Last lesson, the simple way to erase the pain is by make the people around u happy, and watch their smile :) It works! Gudnite bloggers ^__^

My bday cake, fully chococolate yummy...the candle slightly annoying...first amazing such as fireworks, then it's hard to blow off,,,huff..need more energy "___"!

Monster pounch, get it from Ramayana Store
My bday gift, from my self to my self hehe...luv it :)

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