Minggu, 05 Desember 2010

Fashion Show on Bali Creative Fest'2010 (My B'day Part 3)

Hi, back again in my b'day diary hehe...I'm so surprised that my family and my best friend-Dhatu still set aside their money to buy a gift for me...so melt >,< yayy...thank you so much dear...i'll show you the gift...Next I wanna see ur bday gift..did u feel the same sense with me? thumping feeling when u open the gifts..hehe..

those are things from my lovely family...so cute...
then, it's from Dhatu, my best friend ever ^_^ luv it! so vintage, cool!

What I did in this part? To celebrate my special day, I invited Dhatu to accompany me to see a Fashion Show on Bali Creative Festival 2010 at Art Center Denpasar. Yes, we love fashion :) There also a food festival, but it's over when we get there...we were too busy watching the fashion show haha...poor us.. 
The funny thing was I met my lecturer and her children there, he was my lecturer for my final project...I've made an appointment with him to have a discussion in that afternoon, but because he didn't reply my sms, I thought he was busy...and suddenly I met him there...I tried to hide my face while in silent way to the front row. My phone rang. I've got a message. It was from him. "Must shoot the best moment Dew". Oh no, he knew me there, ops!

we choosed the rebel style

semi lather jacket (Fashion Box)
T-shirt (bday gift)
hotpants (unbranded)
strappy sandals (balikyut)

It's my bestfriend :)

That nite, we were fashion police, sat on the front row and commented on the show. Yiipii we choosed Aliki, Monica, and Tjok Abi as the best designer that nite ^__^ 

designed by Monica

designed by Monica

between sleek and androgini

lace can be strengthen ur feminism

black dress = georgeus!

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  1. haiii... dewi.. aku naksir sendal daroemonnya. huehehehe...secaraaa deh aku suka banget sama doraemon. :)

  2. oya???hehe itu dbliin adikqu...iy lcu2 gmn gtu..