Rabu, 29 September 2010

Let me introduce my self

Hi, I'm Dew. This is the third blog I have. First blog, www.dewituembun.blogspot.com, containing about lecture notes are pretty boring, hehe ... so sometimes cheat sheet materials online to the brothers of my class ... well I prefer to record on the blog as it will not wet when exposed to water, more secure, and durable ... it's just vulnerable to hackers he3 ... my second new blog only the title and then I started to forget the password, and then blog it just disappeared, swallowed forgotten busy college architecture that would not go out. And this is my third blog. This blog is inspired by Gogirl! magazine, and the other fashion bloggers like Sonia Eryka (www.soniaeryka.blogspot.com), Talisha (www.ribbonyboo.com), and Michelle Henderson (www.takeyoureyesoffme.blogspot.com). You're cool! So, I tried to make this blog just to share my passion for fashion and stories of my life which are so precious to me.

The photo above is the photo before I left for college ... not narcissistic, does not exist he3 ... I like to look different ... so when the campus ban students wearing shirts without collars, ripped pants, and flip flops ... I will actually wear it, and it has happened for 3 years I went to college ... except during exam ^ ^ So I wore a black shirt and white sunglasses, a bonus of Gogirl! Magazine; ripped jeans from Mangga Dua, homemade necklace peacock, pink Converse shoes, and a superman bag.

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