Kamis, 14 Oktober 2010

Let's find the treasure!

Yesterday, I went to Frog Market with my lovely friend, Tina-Inul-Wiwin...Yihhaa...it's mean we'll gonna find the treasure...for us, Frog Market such like an island with a lot of brand, unique, and update things with the cheap prize...yipppiii ^^ it's like Gedebage in Jakarta. So, I'll show u my treasure below...

yesterday was so hot and the must to do thing if u go to Frog Market is 'dun wear anything brand'...it'll be affect when u bargain the things and invite the crime.
I wore loose T-shirt (Matahari), harem (BaliKyut), wood necklace, Say no to Plastic canvas bag, and black strappy wedges (BaliKyut).
I've found this cool stuff...ethnic vest with unsimetrical side, vintage tulip blazer, brown lace tight, and grey highwaist...can't wait to mix and match then X)

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