Rabu, 13 Oktober 2010

My College Friend

We are the next famous architect (hope ^^)
We love ice cream and yogurt...
We love to shop in Frog market,,,haha...

We love to stay up to finish our final project (actually forced to T.T)
Someone give 'de'Moche' name for our gank...thanks boy!

Introduce, Wiwin the Waka-waka Ee Girl, Adel the J-Girl, and Inul Miss Online...then Tina-toon (tina, need ur photo here),,,and Desak...umm...she away from us because her possessive boyfriend...but she always be our nice friend ever ^^

this photo we took after we returning college, and before we watched @ Cinema 21 Galleria
look at the lips and TV necklace on that photo, that's my own design ^^
just open ur FB and add me : Bali Kyut
Yogurt time....@ Sour Sally Centro

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