Rabu, 13 Oktober 2010

One nite with Bunga

In the middle of my busy day, i spent the weekend with Bunga, my college friend too, to the cinema...umm but i forget the film's title...amazing film...She is also my model for my boutique...Still remember in my mind, she was the queen of campus in orientation...she looks...wow...(can't describe hehe..) enough to made our senior spellbound haha...first, i think she was arrogant...but after you know her...she is a nice friend...so in our little time, we talk much about our boyfriend, our study (we're in different level), our activities, and her new rented house...

Me and Bunga
Located @ Bunga's room
I wore black jumpsuit (BaliKyut), black vest (Matahari big sale), Owl Necklace, Owl Bag (Retrogogo), and black strappy wedges (BaliKyut)

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