Sabtu, 23 Oktober 2010

Rainy Saturday Night

It's was a rainy day, but it doesn't matter for me and my friend to spend this Saturday night for hang out time. First, we went to Udayana Architecture Exhibition at Museum Bali. A lot of kind of art we've found there, such as architecture sketch, parquet, graffiti, 3D design, building miniature, and photography. Love it :)
Entrance of Exhibition
Building sketch (this is made from a collection of dots and dashes)
Miniature of Merajan (the place to pray for Hindu family in Bali, it's located almost in every house)
Kori Agung miniature (entrance type of Temple)
 It's Mimesis! (Mimesis is the way to create building with transforming some objects such as animal, flower, etc into building design)
So what do u think of this? How it looks like? Iguana, I guess...
It's Mimesis too! so can u guess it?
umm...cicada or grasshopper?
this is the building miniature...cool...looks like inspired by jewel...do u think so?
hey...thats my photo...it's my group project in gardening subject @ campuss
Me-Inul-Wiwin (go vintage go!)
@Architecture Exhibition
flower puff top (Frog Market)
black Highwaist skirt (C&L)
black strappy wedges (Balikyut)
puff detail

After enjoyed the art, we went to Renon Corner to have dinner. We choosed Takoyaki stand. Delicious and cheap :) Then, the next trip we went to Denpasar Junction, have a dessert time @ JCo...We luv JCool so much....yummiii...
Inul and Me
(with our Jcool, choosed nata de coco, longan, and oreo topping)
Adit and Wiwin 
Me and Inul
(nice style nul ^^ especially for ur animal print legging, love it!)

After had dessert, we took some photos there, and try some sale clothes hehe...then, we went home...nice weekend...oahemm...gudnite all...

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