Kamis, 14 Oktober 2010

Eat, Pray and Love

Eat, Pray, and Love. Movie that i've watched yesterday. It's all 'bout the way to appreciate our life...not only about Eat in Italia and Rome, then Pray in India, and find ur love in Bali...the simple things are how u can accept the changes, try to apologize ur self, and open ur heart...

After watched this amazing movie, me and my friend went to Pizza Hut...so hungry phew...yes, we Eat ^^ one word from that film we've watched...

While we wait for our pizza, I wrote a piece of my name in a plate by chili sausage,haha...i enjoyed it ^0^

then took some photos below...to overcome our boring time..

Me and Inul

Wiwin and Diska (her sista), are they similar?? >.<

Ian and Adit (Wiwin's boyfriend), they pretend to look natural...hi3...

Inul's order came first...look delicious....yummiii...but, it's beef,, I can't T.T

Look who was so hungry....he3...that couple...they battled in a pan of pizza haha...

suddenly a baby stick at the glass behind Inul's chair...who is he??he3... so cute...

Took before we went home (me and Inul)

ethnic vest (Frog Market) - unbranded black mini dress - wood necklace and bracelet - black vintage bag - ethnic sandals (Bali Kyut)

5 komentar:

  1. eat muLu, pray-nya kapaaan????

    gk bagi2 qe wiq..
    harusnya di deliver tuw ke humz Q, hehe..

  2. wiq, km juaL sandaL gLadiator itu??
    brp wiq, harganya?
    someone love ur sandal,hehe..

  3. pray'na gag ke-ekspos dun jeng...just bout me and God he3...yah kpn2 qu dliver kotak pizza'na he3...
    gladi yg mn? which one? mampir aj k balikyut..trlalu byk koleksi, aq lupa jdna he...

  4. like eat pray love, like eat play shop... hehe
    share fashionmu, mungkin bisa jd hal menarik di share kemiripan fashion ma arsitektur... sip

  5. he3...fashion sm arsitektur??umm...sm2 dinamis bro...