Jumat, 05 November 2010

So hectic day...huff...

Its 02:37, so I meant it's my yesterday, not today again hehe...
It was start when I arrived at campus for Architecture Studio Lesson, my friend told me to prepare presentation material for that day for our personal project. I tried to prepare it well from two days ago ( I turn off my connection with internet world - twitter, facebook, and blogger always turned my world :P so, I thought I must be lost contact with that virtual world first ;) ).  A day ago I just picked up my boyfriend at airport (he must make a passport - because he will goes to Hongkong next year represent his university, UGM, in International Law Competition), it wasn't a reason to ignore my task, because I almost finished it. And of course, miss him so bad, don't thinking again, just pick up, yey!
Continue again...after arrived at campus, I asked for my friend's presentation. Suddenly they said it was a final day for personal presentation. What the??? I thought that day only the ordinary presentation day, just like before. They asked, "Have u make 3 copies of print out?". "Should I?", I asked back. "Of course, its final day Dew, we've give this information in ur twitter before", they said. Damn! That time I only made the presentation and no print out. Then, the next action I did was...run...and run...got my car and drove to digital printing around campus. So, it made me late to the class. Lucky me, the killer lecturer not yet came, just a kindly Mr. Putra :)
Me : Sorry Mr, I'm late...it was accident in printing..hssh..hssh...(I said, breathing hard after climbing four floors)
Mr. Putra : I'm sorry too, we've just finished..
Me : Really? (I started to move toward the seat, turned around again)
Mr. Putra : (looked sorry for me...then smiled) Just kiddin' child...
Me : (I smiled, forced smile exactly, then went to my desk) Is it funny?? --- only in my head haha...
The next case, because I was late, I didn't get the evaluation form. It made me climb down four floors again to copy it, then climb up four floors again to get my class. Why this campus don't have a lift???  It killed me. I have not eaten that morning and stay up doing the task the day before. Poor me :(
Then after I got the class, my lovely lecturer said "Child, it's lunch time...we'll be back here 30 minutes later". Oh no! no...no...no... It meant I must climb down four floors again to get the canteen. Huff...Maybe this will make me thinner *I said to please myself. 30 minutes later, my friends and I went back to class but we were rained on because of rain fell suddenly and we did not bring an umbrella. Well, it was a perfect day :(

Near the last time presentation, I was so bored, so I made this heart shape from sterofoam, residual material from the class before.
"Dear J, I give  this heart to you...please keep it carefully" :) 

After finished the campus time, we had a dinner time. It was so hot day, so we choosed to drink Es Kelapa Muda (coconut ice).
Luckily, my boyfriend has arrived at Bali a day ago. Suddenly we hear the news that Merapi eruption is getting worse and requires residents to evacuate. UGM temporarily closed for place of refuge. And Adi Sucipto airport was also closed. 
LET'S PRAY FOR INDONESIA! U MUST BE STRONG YOGYA...God, dun let the disaster continue to hit our contry...

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