Kamis, 11 November 2010

My Thursday Date

Today, I'm free...yihaa...my J promised to pick me up and have a dinner. But first, I must finish my campus's task. Suddenly I stuck...dun have any idea :( concept...where r u??? Looking around. My room was dirty. So I think I must clean my room, and that was the next thing I do. It seems flow in it. I started re-design my room although only move the cupboard, bookshelf, and create my cozy corner :) Oh no! my J come. So, I rushed to get ready. Just take every item in my mind. Vintage! that's the key :) Hoping a nice date today ^_^

Flower Vintage T-Shirt (House of Jemmiah)
Highwaist Skirt (Fashion Market)
Nerd Glasses (Strawberry)
Square Bag (Unique Boutique)
Grey Watch (Swatch)
Flower Wedges (Red Wine)

Grab this cute wedges in Red Wine store ^_^

My Swatch watch

My J gave me this unique bracelet...awesome :) thanks beib...

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