Jumat, 04 Maret 2011

Silent Day

 Bloggers, just for your information, I'm a Balinese girl who lives in Bali since I was born. Bali is an island which contains of more than thousands temple, beautiful scenery, and unique culture. And now, I would tell u about one of our holy day, it called Nyepi or it means 'Silent Day'. In this day, we have four prohibition to do or it called 'Catur Brata Penyepian' which contains of Amati Geni (prohibition to turn on the electricy or fire), Amati Karya ( prohibition to work), Amati Lelungan (prohibition to go out), and Amati Lelanguan (prohibition to have fun such as held a party, drink, etc). It's like local genius which comes from our ancestor. So, in this day, our island is so silent. Nobody go out, no vesicle, no noise, no flight schedule (airport was closed). U would feel the fresh air today, blue sky, and a lot of star on the sky tonight because no light in this island (except the emergency area like hospital). In this day, we are expected to conduct self-control against things that smell worldliness and close to God. And of course, this tradition support to decrease global warming too, let guess how much energy we can save even just a day...

 silent road in silent day 
Before celebrate this holy day, the day before, we pray to the temple with our tradition clothes. For woman, the top called kebaya, and the bottom called kamen.

tradition clothes

Its called Canang Sari, many kind of flower put on young coconut leaves in square form. We use it to pray. It symbolism how we thankful for all the gift of God.

temple silhouette

Then, at yesterday night, we had Ogoh-Ogoh parade. Ogoh-ogoh means giant statue made of cork styrofoam and decorated bamboo matting. Its symbolism of carnality, evil, and all the bad things in the world. So, it resemble made in hideous forms such as ghosts, ugly giant, and etc. After parade, we burn it, hope all that bad things will be disappear before we celebrate Nyepi and Hindu's new year.

 *all photos except the first photo is my photograph, enjoy :)

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  5. Love the traditional clothing.

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  10. Happy silent day :-)
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